Campaigns Against Subsidies Then Takes Subsidies
"All subsidies are bad" - Halvorson
Halvorson On Personally Benefitting From Ethanol In Iowa
Halvorson Said He Was “Forced” to Take Subsidies. He Signed Up For Them.
Iowa Paperwork On Halvorson’s Farm
Bedford Paperwork On Halvorson’s Farm
Art Halvorson talks like a conservative and then acts like a hypocrite. Halvorson has said that he thinks all subsidies are bad, but then he takes thousands of dollars in subsidies for his farm in Bedford. Even worse, Halvorson brags about how he has “personally benefitted” from subsidies on his farm in Iowa, to the tune of almost $500,000.

Halvorson’s hypocrisy doesn’t end there. Stay tuned for more on someone running as a conservative who is willing to say one thing and do another - a real hypocrite.
And we all know Washington has enough of those.